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At Safezone Auto parts, We sell Genuine motor vehicle spare parts & Accesories for: Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Honda and Suzuki and respond to your queries regarding motor vehicle products and services. We are networked with various manufactures abroad to ensure complete and genuine parts are available to our clients both locally and upcountry markets.
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SPECIAL offers

Synthetic Oil

Old Price: Ksh. 4,300
New Price: Ksh. 3,300
SAVE Ksh. 1,000

Oil Filters

Old Price: Ksh. 1,000
New Price: Ksh. 500
SAVE Ksh. 500

Air Filter

Old Price: Ksh. 2,250
New Price: Ksh. 1,350
SAVE Ksh. 900


Old Price: Ksh. 2,700
New Price: Ksh. 2,300
SAVE Ksh. 400


Old Price: Ksh. 6,400
New Price: Ksh. 5,500
SAVE Ksh. 900